Monthly Archives: August 2014

I’m Going To MIT


It has been more than half a year, since I was accepted at MIT. After all the exams, the visa and scholarship application; after selling a complete household, my car, and being one month ‘homeless’; after filling out dozens of forms and getting gray hair, I’m just relieved and happy to enjoy a beautiful summer here in Cambridge.

The next year will be exciting and I’m looking forward to take part in promising and challenging projects, meet and work together with talented people, travel a lot and enjoy my new American everyday life.

I will try to share my insights, lessons learned, impressions and a lot more on this blog and thereby try to improve my English skills 😉

Stay tuned!

Build A CRM Chrome Extension To Manage Over 10k Google Contacts


this post is about creating a Chrome Extension to enrich the functionalities of Google Contacts and to manage more than 10k entries in an easy way.

The story starts one month ago, when I was confronted with the following requirements:

  1. “Build a Chrome Extension that is capable of managing all our Google Contacts (12k+)”
  2. “We want a simple login”
  3. “We want inplace editing for some cells, as well as batch editing for a subset of all cells”
  4. “The extension should support fuzzy search, sorting, inverse search(exclude matching entries), multimail, quick filtering by age, notes/tags, …” – unfortunately, Google’s Contacts API is lacking a lot or nearly all this functionality right now

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